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“Hey everybody I have some exciting news. My books have been picked up by Fortis Publishing which means that the following titles will now be available in paperback as well as e. Book format.

The Possession Legacy (Book 0ne of the Vampire Duet)

Deeper darkness (Book two of the Vampire Duet)

Open Tap

Rhyme for Reason.

I had always planned the Vampire books as a duet and at last they will be available together, read one and then read the follow up and conclusion.

The book sleeves have been redesigned to show a continuity to my style.

This represents a major breakthrough for me and you my readers.

At last we can enjoy physically holding my printed word again.

Read them with the light on and thank you for your continued support.

‘Psst’ Please tell your friends there’s a new boy in town,  a Horror thriller writer, writing books to chill with adult overtones.

You have been warned.”


Peace and love


„Hi everyone, just wanted to say its good to be back. The site was down for a few weeks but now we are live again, thank goodness.
Quick up date on me, two operations due, one for a prostrate problem and one to repair a hernia, meanwhile back in a boot because the charcot is back again.
Good news, as I’m going to be, house bound after surgery I can crack on with the fifth book.
Review have stopped, which is sad. The quickest way to an authors heart is to read and review their work, so read, review , be honest we just want to read your comments, please!
Good to read so many people like and enjoy the work my web builder has done with this site, be nice to think you may enjoy reading the four books written.
As I said at the start, after this unfortunate unavailability it good to be back!!!“

„I’m sorry guys that I have neglected you recently, I’m in a writing zone out on my fifth book. It all started innocently enough, just thought Id quietly cruise along when suddenly so interesting back stories began to infiltrate my sorry excuse for a brain. Well you know how back stories can bite your ass. Meanwhile its getting harder to sleep as my main character is insisting that her voice is heard a lot sooner than I originally planned. Did I say planned, as if, I still don’t know where this is going to end. Don’t ya just love it when they all start shouting at once. That’s the joy of being an author I guess, giving them all the opportunity to speak. Maybe I will ask them to form an orderly queue. Some hopes!
So friends please excuse my lack and understand, I may not sell lots of books but there’s these little devils in me saying „My turn, My turn,“ and I just have to let them have their say.
Big love to you all. Trev,xxx

We are behaving like illiterate animals in the affair of a child being taken from hospital by caring parents to seek life saving treatment for their child, Life saving treatment that is not available in the U.K. Religion has nothing to do with the treatment they are seeking despite the press attempt to paint the parents as ‚fanatics‘.

As a cancer sufferer and someone who has gone through extensive radiotherapy I applaud the fact that the parents have taken the trouble to read up on an alternate treatment for cancer. In short radiotherapy is the most invasive, pervasive treatment that cancer sufferers have to endure with effects that continue long after the treatment finishes. Radiotherapy kills anything in the path of the beam both going in and leaving the body. Yes it destroys the cancer but it also kills healthy tissue, healthy cells, healthy muscle, it results in permanent damage and when you are treating the head or the brain to kill a cancerous tumor why wouldn’t the recipient wish to know if there was an alternative available that did not result in permanent damage. There is and its called Proton therapy. A Proton beam kills only the cancer not the surround tissues or in this case the brain. But guess what we dont have proton therapy available in the U.K. yet. Maybe in 3 or 4 years we will have our first machine. Oh it available in America and the national health service sends people across fore treatment at £120,000 a head but being selected is a lottery. So what do we do, Have the family arrested, the child traumatized and separated from his kin, the parents handcuffed, and the press and the health service CLAIM that its all in the interest of the child!!!!!!!!! Shame on the health service, shame on the government shame on the crown prosecution service. Get real people, given the circumstances what would you do, sentence your child to death or fight for his survival. The parents were attempting to sell their property in Spain to pay for Proton treatment, is that the act of law breakers, We as a country are ’shilly-shalling ‚with terrorists, with hate preachers, with ‚rabble rousers‘ and people generally bad mouthing and denigrating the very country they have chosen to flee to but we have caring parents arrested. Really!!! Its about time we woke up and smelt the coffee and before we condemn at least learn the facts about the treatment. Turn the spotlight on genuine problems not on a family attempting to obtain the best possible treatment for their child.

That said if you agree please share. Lets get our leaders to grow a set of balls and deal with what is important.

„On the 4th of June I underwent a ten and a half hour surgery to reconstruct the roof of my mouth, hard and soft palette.
My surgeon, despite the damage that radiotherapy had caused performed a very successful procedure. I am delighted to say that thanks to his dedication and that of his team I finally feel that I am complete again. I am one of the privileged few that have taken on cancer and beaten it. God bless Mr Mike Amin and Max Fax at Northolt Hospital.

I am delighted to also report that there are now 7 x 5 star reviews for Rhyme for reason. Everyone is saying it’s the best book so far. Thanks for making my morning complete.
Keep on reviewing, keep on reading and most important tell your friends to read and enjoy.

Meanwhile if you have not read the book, or any of the previous now’s your chance
Go to amazon and order. read and enjoy.

Big love to you all and my constant thanks for your support

Rhyme for Reason.
The Possession Legacy.
Deeper Darkness
Open Tap.

A Feast Best Served Cold.
My new title coming soon.“

„I just have to say a big thank you for the reviews that „Rhyme for Reason“ is receiving.
To think at one time I was going to dump the book, thank goodness I didn’t. People are saying its the best book yet. It seems that I owe Pat and finally Carol a monster thanks for the editing even if it took around seven re-writes.
If you have read please review, good or bad, if you enjoyed tell your friends and if you’ve not read it yet….what keeping you!
Again thanks for the kind words guys, they really inspire me to work harder on book number five.“

Order now !!

He was abused and alienated in his formative years falling into the despair of mental torture and self-doubt, almost comatose in this state until he found the strength to turn. His rebirth was through his poetry and soon his muse became his inspiration for revenge; a vengeance against the women who had molested him.

Armed with a simple cut-throat razor and his poems he launches into the most horrific killing spree his muse can muster and with each murder his blood lust grows ever stronger. The deeds validate the poems; the poems set the scenes for his horrific deeds.

South Wales Police have more detectives working on the case than at any time in their history but the killings continue unabated and as the newspapers belittle and ostracise ‘The Poet’ his anger grows and the murders escalate at an alarming rate the whole of Wales and the United Kingdom are gripped in fear.

One detective on the case turns to a close friend, a medium, but keeps his enquiries to himself for fear of ridicule. He feels certain that the clue to catching the killer lies in his poetry and the medium couldn’t agree more. Between them it looks like the only realistic possibility of stopping the man of verse.

We create our own monsters never realising that the little actions we take shape, steer and define.

The International Rubery Book Award

Rubery Book Award is the longest established book award based in the UK for independent and self published books. The key to our success is having a keen eye for quality from distinguished and reputable judges.

2014 Book Award Judges

MAN Booker shortlisted author, Clare Morrall, was also selected for the TV Book club 2010; Children’s author and non-fiction feature-writer Ann Evans; and Pauline Morgan who has previously judged the critically acclaimed International Arthur C Clarke Award and also runs writing workshops.