Monthly Archive for Juni, 2014

„On the 4th of June I underwent a ten and a half hour surgery to reconstruct the roof of my mouth, hard and soft palette.
My surgeon, despite the damage that radiotherapy had caused performed a very successful procedure. I am delighted to say that thanks to his dedication and that of his team I finally feel that I am complete again. I am one of the privileged few that have taken on cancer and beaten it. God bless Mr Mike Amin and Max Fax at Northolt Hospital.

I am delighted to also report that there are now 7 x 5 star reviews for Rhyme for reason. Everyone is saying it’s the best book so far. Thanks for making my morning complete.
Keep on reviewing, keep on reading and most important tell your friends to read and enjoy.

Meanwhile if you have not read the book, or any of the previous now’s your chance
Go to amazon and order. read and enjoy.

Big love to you all and my constant thanks for your support

Rhyme for Reason.
The Possession Legacy.
Deeper Darkness
Open Tap.

A Feast Best Served Cold.
My new title coming soon.“