Monthly Archive for Oktober, 2014

„I’m sorry guys that I have neglected you recently, I’m in a writing zone out on my fifth book. It all started innocently enough, just thought Id quietly cruise along when suddenly so interesting back stories began to infiltrate my sorry excuse for a brain. Well you know how back stories can bite your ass. Meanwhile its getting harder to sleep as my main character is insisting that her voice is heard a lot sooner than I originally planned. Did I say planned, as if, I still don’t know where this is going to end. Don’t ya just love it when they all start shouting at once. That’s the joy of being an author I guess, giving them all the opportunity to speak. Maybe I will ask them to form an orderly queue. Some hopes!
So friends please excuse my lack and understand, I may not sell lots of books but there’s these little devils in me saying „My turn, My turn,“ and I just have to let them have their say.
Big love to you all. Trev,xxx