Monthly Archive for April, 2015

„Hi everyone, just wanted to say its good to be back. The site was down for a few weeks but now we are live again, thank goodness.
Quick up date on me, two operations due, one for a prostrate problem and one to repair a hernia, meanwhile back in a boot because the charcot is back again.
Good news, as I’m going to be, house bound after surgery I can crack on with the fifth book.
Review have stopped, which is sad. The quickest way to an authors heart is to read and review their work, so read, review , be honest we just want to read your comments, please!
Good to read so many people like and enjoy the work my web builder has done with this site, be nice to think you may enjoy reading the four books written.
As I said at the start, after this unfortunate unavailability it good to be back!!!“