November 8, 2016 by Trevor Dalton

A Cold Feast“ book number five is coming soon, just completed the first 103 pages of initial re-write only another 250 pages to go. Set aside the day tomorrow to complete the first re-write. Then a second read through. Some more corrections and some plot strengthening, maybe a bit of ‚Burbage stripping‘ some further tweaking and with luck ‚and some hard work‘ it will be ready to send to Carol by Monday.
Better chase up Antony, who will design the cover with my ideas. He will read absorb and then come up with something spectacular, as usual. Meanwhile I should start to think about the cover blurb. Ooooh busy busy but tonight, no more midnight oil. A good sleep with lots of dreams please so that I can add some more sparkle and plot twists that will keep you guys that read my work on your toes. As always I want this one to be the best and yet there is still the need to always try to do better.

Teaser: google “Mysterious Unexplained Deaths, scroll down looking at each of the first five headings and ask a few simple questions of yourself, what? how? why? In “A Cold Feast“ maybe there’s an answer, you best read it when it’s published to find out.“

More teasers to follow, love and chills to you all

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