Juli 20, 2017 by Trevor Dalton

„Hi everybody, Fantastic news the new book, my fifth, titled „A COLD FEAST.“

is now available in paperback and e.format. Get it from Amazon. Check out the web site for details.


A young orphan girl called Annie Arrowsmith and seven generations of her family have a fascination with herbs and thier uses but because of thier beliefs and abilities each generation is persecuted as witches. This is a story of the revenge and retribution they plan and execute with infinate skill and premeditated audacity, against everone who has ever wronged them in the past, each generation contributing skills in the black arts as well as herbal treatments.

The book cumulates in and explosive battle between good and evil. Who will ultimately triumph in the final conflict?


Read the book and find out, and readers this one is a real Lou Lou, Read , review and recommend.

Peace and love



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