August 2, 2017 by Trevor Dalton

“ Hi everybody

Great news , I am in the process of withdrawing my e format titles and republishing them with new covers and a total upgrade.

Antony Dalton is re designing ‚The Possession Legacy‚ and ‚Open tap

A Deeper Darkness.‘ will retain its cover but there will be changes to its rear cover and the description.

So please do not worry if the titles appear unavailable they will return soon. Meanwhile ‚A Cold Feast‚ and ‚Rhyme for Reason

are still available as are the paperback versions of ‚The Possession Legacy‚ and ‚Open Tap.‘

Exciting times!!!!

Thank you for your continued support, when this republish exercise is complete work will begin in earnest with ‚Azazel‘

Peace and love


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