Mai 27, 2020 by Trevor Dalton

“Hey everybody I have some exciting news. My books have been picked up by Fortis Publishing which means that the following titles will now be available in paperback as well as e. Book format.

The Possession Legacy (Book 0ne of the Vampire Duet)

Deeper darkness (Book two of the Vampire Duet)

Open Tap

Rhyme for Reason.

I had always planned the Vampire books as a duet and at last they will be available together, read one and then read the follow up and conclusion.

The book sleeves have been redesigned to show a continuity to my style.

This represents a major breakthrough for me and you my readers.

At last we can enjoy physically holding my printed word again.

Read them with the light on and thank you for your continued support.

‘Psst’ Please tell your friends there’s a new boy in town,  a Horror thriller writer, writing books to chill with adult overtones.

You have been warned.”


Peace and love


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